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Downtime In Manufacturing: Improving Productivity

April 5, 2023

Updated on: August 15, 2023

2 min read

Before the worst happens

It’s easy to complain about downtime in manufacturing and the damage it can do to any business, large or small. You don't want explanations when equipment malfunctions and work stops; you want the issue resolved.

How to reduce downtime and increase productivity

Downtime is a failure that begins when life is going well, just like all major errors. We can become too relaxed as a business when machines are running well and experienced staff are using them. We should not assume this will always be the case. You never know when your machinery or other type of technology is going to experience an unexpected outage or disruption.

But what if you could reduce unplanned downtime? What if you could avoid losing millions or even billions in lost revenue?

How does legacy equipment impact unplanned downtime?

Legacy equipment from the 1980s was designed to last for many years. This equipment is still reliably functioning today and therefore, a lot of control systems still in operation due to this. However, legacy equipment will also reliably present challenges that need to be carefully addressed before disaster strikes.

Manufacturers often phase out replacement parts for original parts as machines age. This makes them difficult to locate and much more costly to purchase. At Marvo, we offer a wide selection of simple-to-search obsolete components. With just a single-click, you can always locate what you need.

Do smart sensors affect downtime?

Technology already exists to mitigate preventable, predictable downtime. Smart sensors, coupled with machine learning algorithms, help to detect anomalies in industrial machines. Specialized smart sensors can even analyze a component's vibration to look for alignment issues, bent shafts, or other motor issues. 

All the while you're collecting data that stops a problem before it happens. Collecting data on machinery and its components will help you to be ready for unplanned downtime.

This data helps you to respond quickly and effectively. It is possible to use software to assemble your data into usable logs. These can then alert you when a component or system is on the verge of failing.

Speed is crucial. It makes the difference between completing the workload on time to even finishing it at all.

From the top to the bottom, Marvo has been constructed for speed. 

Our library of new and outdated parts is simply searchable, with components sent out within 24 hours. Therefore, you receive what you need, when you need it, rather than waiting for a salesman to return your call.

Hungry for more? Head on over to my blog “The Smart Part” - There’s nothing artificial about the intelligence you’ll find there! Or, if you’d rather get down to business, ask me how I can help you streamline your parts procurement process!